. http://ift.tt/1ugD5OX
~ http://ift.tt/VNdWj5
`Wandle` printed fabric, manufactured by Morris and Co. and Aymer Vallance, from `The Art of William Morris`, pub. 1897 http://ift.tt/VMEEsd
Gothic Study at Hearst Castle, San Simeon, California, Julia Morgan architect http://ift.tt/1qloHT5
Glitter http://ift.tt/1mhfmfY
Chanel, couture autumn/winter 2014 http://ift.tt/1mhflJ0
Beauty and the Beast by Enoki Toshiyuoki http://ift.tt/1mhfiwA
The Blue River, Biei, Hokkaido, Japan http://ift.tt/1pn6DJP
Jane Eyre, 1847 http://ift.tt/1vYtVYs
Vintage Jane Eyre Book from 1886 http://ift.tt/1vYtUnc
Yohji Yamamoto F/W 1996 http://ift.tt/1ilmt6R
“Dolce  Gabbana Couture” by Paolo Rovers http://ift.tt/1nPAhWv